The cleaning products we use in our homes can leave residues behind that come into contact with our skin, the foods we prepare, and even with our household pets. Using natural cleaning products in cleaning has a lot of benefits. They can help us to keep our homes free from dangerous chemicals and assist us in creating a healthier environment, too.

In this blogpost we will go through why traditional Finnish Pine Soap is a great alternative for spring cleaning this year and what benefits we can get when cleaning with natural cleaning products. We hope you enjoy the post!

In the picture is traditional Finnish pine soap next to sauna woods and a white cotton towel and green eucalyptus branches

Finns Have Used Pine Soap for Cleaning Since the 1920’s

A clean and a safe home is an important part of the Finnish culture. Being resourceful and utilizing what one already has, can be seen as a core Finnish value. Already in the 1920’s, a Finnish company in Kotka was experimenting with utilizing pulp manufacturing by-products for cleaning. From this experiment, they created pine soap for cleaning everything from clothes and dishes to floors and tables.

Mäntysuopa is traditional Finnish pine soap that is made from pine wood oil and rosin, the by-products of pulp manufacturing processes. Mäntysuopa is an un-superfatted soap, which means that it lacks superfat. This makes it gentle on the skin. But don’t be fooled! Mäntysuopa has always been marketed as a cleaning product, not as a bath soap. However, it could be because of this this skin-friendly touch (or the natural pine scent of the soap) that has made Mäntysuopa a Finnish household essential for over a hundred years!

Mäntysuopa‘ can be translated ‘pine soap paste‘. The natural pine oil in Mäntysuopa fills the air with rich foresty scent that has the power to transfer you to the wide and vast Finnish forests. For some Finns the scent takes them back to childhood summers at the lake, as Mäntysuopa is often used for cleaning rugs in the fresh water. It is frequently used also for cleaning the sauna. Mäntysuopa can also be used as an all-surface cleaning product in the house, as well as to clean stains from carpets and textiles.

The original Mäntysuopa was a bar soap. In the 1960’s, a liquid Mäntysuopa was also brought into the market. You can order both from us. We are extremely proud that we can continue sharing traditional Finnish and nature-friendly ways to clean our homes!

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3 Benefits of Using Natural Cleaning Products

We believe it is important that our homes are safe places for all the family members living there, whether they are four-legged or learning how to crawl. Natural cleaning products can help us to reduce toxic chemicals from getting in contact with our skin and our circulatory system. By choosing natural cleaning products we can also help the environment and reduce our chemical waste.

1. Cleaner indoor air

The air that we breathe in our home can have a combination of toxic chemicals in it. These chemicals can enter the body through breathing and they can get to the bloodstream through the lungs or become deposited in the airways. By using natural cleaning products we can reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals flowing in the air indoors, and from entering our bodies.

2. Less allergens

Conventional cleaning products can cause irritation for example in the skin, in the respiratory system and sinuses. Common allergens that can cause irritation or allergic reactions in people include: 

  • Perfumes
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Sulfates
  • Ammonia
  • Gluten
  • Caustics 
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phosphates
  • Chlorine
  • Bleach 
  • Dyes

Natural products often have less allergens in them, making them a good choice for cleaning in an allergic-friendly way.

3. Environmentally friendly

By choosing natural cleaning products, we can improve air and water quality. Some natural cleaning products also come in packaging that is easy to recycle properly. This reduces the waste we create and is good for the environment as a whole!

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