Welcome to FinnGoods – A family operated small business (est. 2012) owned by Henna and Timo located in Langley BC, Canada. We were both born and raised in Finland but something about an adventure in Canada just called for us. So, we made the move and started a new life in Canada!

After a few years of living here it became obvious that there was something that Canada (and us!) needed: Nordic goodies! After playing with the idea for a while, we decided that why not to do this ourselves! We could start bringing the very best of Finnish and Swedish goodies into the country – and share the Nordic way of life all across North America. And oh, what a ride it has been!  

There were a lot of emotions in the air when we received our first batch of chocolate and candies coming from Finland. The connection we felt just by touching and smelling some of our favourite Finnish foods and goodies was mind-blowing! It soon became evident that this sense of connection to the fresh and clean Finnish way of living was important also to our customers.

We love how the packaging of all of our products is clean and crisp, with recognizable Nordic design. It is always an experience to open up a Fazer chocolate bar or to have a taste of your favourite licorice. The taste, the anticipation, the recognizable smell – everything builds up to the moment when you take your first bite. These bites have the power to take you back to grandma’s house or to that one warm summer at the cottage by the lake. Whether it is coffee, chocolate, cookies, licorice, jam, cleaning products or berry powders, you can always get a piece of Finland from each one of them!

Since day one, we have been so grateful that we can bring these experiences into people’s lives. The connection we have with each one of you, our dear customers, is what makes FinnGoods the company that it is today. When we first started, we delivered packages door-to-door. We still remember many of those doorway conversations we had with you. Even as we now ship everywhere in Canada and in the US – from Hawaii to New York, and from Vancouver all the way to Alaska and Newfoundland – we still want to have that personalized connection with all of you. Thus, we are so happy that you are sharing your hopes, wishes and feelings with us via email, social media and at the different events you can find us attending. We love having this connection with you!

The authentic Finnish flavours and the crisp and clean way of Nordic living are important for us. We are extremely proud that we don’t carry any gene manipulated products, as it is prohibited in Europe. As many of our customers have experienced it themselves, our Finnish and Swedish candies also taste different than their North American cousins. This is because they are made from real sugar, not with corn syrup. We believe that these are just some of the things why more and more people are falling in love with the Nordic way of life!

Whether it is how we pack our packages or how we respond to your emails, our goal is that opening your order feels like taking the first bite from a Fazer Blue bar on a cottage pier on a summer evening, when the sun is setting down and the lake glimmers in the last rays of light. We strive to be that partner that is always as trustworthy as high quality ‘ruisleipä’, Finnish rye bread.

Thank you, our dear customers, for the last 10 years. It has been a great privilege to grow together with you. We can’t wait to see what the next ten years will hold!

With Love,

Henna + Timo