How to Make Camping Coffee over a Campfire – 5+1 Easy Steps

Both indoors and out in nature, coffee holds a special place in the heart of a Finn.

In this blog post, we will tell you how coffee is ingrained into the Finnish way of life. In the end, there are instructions on how you can make Camping Coffee with a gas burner or over a campfire.

Coffee is Part of the Finnish Culture – Both Inside the House and Out in Nature

Coffee is an essential part of the day for a Finn. In the morning you have your ‘aamukahvi‘ (morning coffee), in the afternoon you enjoy your ‘iltapäiväkahvit‘ (afternoon coffee), and after a good meal, you enjoy a nice cup of dessert coffee, ‘jälkiruokakahvit‘.

Coffee has always played a great role both at home and at work. Taking coffee also to the forest and the fjelds is also an important part of the Finnish coffee culture. Camping Coffee, also called Pan Coffee in some context, is a special type of coffee that is more coarse – and perfect to be prepared directly on an open fire.


What Makes Camping Coffee Different from Regular Coffee?

In Finland, coffee has traditionally been prepared in a large pan made from copper. Camping Coffee is generally more coarse than filter coffee. This is because the coffee extracts longer in a pan and a fine grinded coffee would over-extract and become bitter. A well made Camping Coffee is rich, smooth and full-flavoured. It has also been said that traditionally it was even a custom to add butter into the coffee.

For preparing coffee on an open fire, a copper pan is a great choice! You can place the pan on a stick over the fire, or place it on top of the fire wood when you are camping. However, also a lighter aluminum kettle works extremely well for preparing an energizing cup of hot coffee in the woods. You can use an aluminum kettle and make some coffee with a gas burner or in a bonfire.

How To Make Camping Coffee with a Kettle And a Gas Burner?

  1. Fill the kettle with water
  2. Turn on the gas burner and place the kettle on top of it
  3. Add Ylläsjärvi Camping Coffee into boiling water (you can move the kettle away from the fire when doing this so that the coffee doesn’t boil over)
  4. Stir the coffee with a hunting knife or a stick
  5. Let the coffee just barely boil up again, remove the pan from the gas burner and place the pan on an even surface to settle
  6. Pour the fresh coffee into your favourite mug and enjoy! (If you want to prevent coffee grounds from getting into your fresh cup of coffee, pour the coffee to the cup slowly after letting it settle for a while)

How do I know how much coffee grounds is enough when making coffee with a kettle?

Every person has a different way of knowing when you have added enough coffee grounds to the boiling water – however, most of them are often ambiguous and based on intuition. One way to determine what is the right amount of coffee grounds is to pour enough grounds from the package so that they form a small, miniature fjeld on top of the water.